School Mentoring

What is School Mentoring?

School Mentoring is Morrison Mentoring’s flagship service. It combines academic tutoring with coaching and mentoring support to equip students with the knowledge and strategies required to achieve success.


Is School Mentoring the same as academic tutoring?

No; School Mentoring goes beyond tutoring.

To succeed, students need knowledge – which is why tutoring in maths, English, ESL, physics and other key subjects form part of the service. But students also need to know how to learn. Students’ study skills are audited and refined. Thought patterns and behaviours which form barriers to success are examined, and alternative strategies are recommended and monitored. Each student is supported as they develop constructive strategies which work for them.


Is School Mentoring a “one size fits all” service?  

No. Success means something different for everyone, so each student needs tailored services to achieve their personal goals. From the initial consultation, School Mentoring focuses on the individual student and works with them on strategies to meet their particular ambitions.


How does School Mentoring work?

During a comprehensive initial consultation between the mentor, parents/caregivers and student, a suite of goals is created, tailored to the individual. These may be academic, behavioural and/or well-being goals. Then, over ten sessions, the mentor works with the student to achieve those goals, providing academic support (e.g. tutoring in maths, English, ESL, science or other subjects) as well as mentoring to help the student reach their potential.

Morrison Mentoring recognises that success relies not only on having knowledge, but knowing how to apply it; not only on being willing to work, but knowing how to get the most out of one’s efforts. This is why School Mentoring offers more than mere tutoring in, say, maths or physics. To achieve ongoing success, students must be equipped with the tools to create success. Study skills are strengthened and students are encouraged to develop the key attributes of competence, autonomy, relatedness and the ability to think critically.


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