It has been an honour to work with, and study under the tutelage of Catie Morrison. Her professional conduct is exemplary, as is her attention to detail and passion for what she does. As a student I found her to be an engaging and interesting teacher who cared about my progression in the classroom and understanding of the topic. As a mentor, Catie is considerate, caring and is always willing to listen and offer advice. Her experience as a teacher and her compassion as a person makes her the ideal person to work with all kinds of students.
- Sinead (20), Law Student, Adelaide


I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Egypt on a school community services trip organized by Catie. Out of our comfort zones, Catie encouraged us all to embrace, and appreciate, every challenge that was thrown at us. She taught us how to be independent, culturally aware and how to appreciate life. Refreshing, optimistic and supportive, Catie has continued be a wonderful and inspiring friend who has an endless pit of knowledge and much needed advice. More recently, Catie has helped me tackle a difficult point in my life, involving the loss of a dear friend and an intestate move. Always smiling, her smile and positive energy is so contagious that she makes you realize you can achieve anything you set your mind to; and if you don't know what that is yet, she'll help you figure that out too!
- Zin (20), Business student at University of Technology, Sydney 


I was enrolled and completed my high school education at "X" Secondary College between the years of 1997 to 2003.

"X" itself is a small town consisting of only 1,500 people. As a result, the Secondary College had only 150 students over the course of my attendance. My year level in its entirety held only 13 people. Looking back on these numbers in adulthood, I would have expected, as a student, to have been spoilt for attention, guidance and education by the teaching staff, this however was not so. We often referred to our Secondary College as being an "Elephant Graveyard" for teachers who came to the school to end their careers. We fell completely under the radar of interest from the majority of the staff. Our education was not a gift from these teachers but a burden, which we felt every day.

This was the case until Catie Morrison began her employment at the Secondary College.

When I met Catie, it was the first moment in my high school career where I felt excited by learning. This was a direct result of Catie's own contagious enthusiasm as a teacher. Catie cared for and nurtured each student in all the ways that their individual learning abilities required. This ensured that at the end of every class, term or school year, each and every student in Catie's classes had a understanding that went above and beyond the curriculum and receiving (well earned) good marks.

Catie's role within the school did not end in the classroom. Her personality and kind nature made Catie someone that young people felt very natural in talking to, confiding in as well as asking for advice. This confidence was something that was very rare for an adolescent.

Catie fast became someone that I considered my friend during high school, this however did not mean that Catie did not chastise us when we had done the wrong thing. But the relationship we had with Catie only further cemented our learning of what it was to be a decent and functioning member of society.

I am proud today, to still call Catie one of my friends. This is testament to the strength of her character, the kindness of her heart and also of the monumental impact she had on my education, my development into adulthood and my own determination towards my hopes and ambitions. Many of which I am proud to say have come to fruition.

Catie would be a vital and invaluable member of any educational institution and I personally hope that Catie continues to inspire and educate students for many years to come.
-    Chas Chalker (25), Visual Artist, Manhattan, New York City



One of Catie Morrison's best attributes is her compassion. She is one of the most non-judgmental, understanding people I have ever met. Her ability to empathise with people from all different backgrounds is tremendous. In the many years I have known Catie, I have always felt she is someone I could trust and rely on if I ever needed help or someone to talk to. And she has proven to be so. With Catie I am always greeted by a smile, and I feel like I am with someone who cares about me.

Catie has a very good understanding of people and especially youth. I think she would be a great role model for young people, as she was and still is for me. I really can see her working positively with youth in the future.

Catie might not have the answer you are looking for, but she does the best she can in her power to put you in the right direction, and see to it that you get there. When I wasn’t having a very good time at high school, I knew I could count on her for support. Even though she didn’t have the answers I was looking for, she knew exactly what to say to make me feel better, and point me in the right direction. Catie is still a friend of mine today and I believe without her support in the past, I might not have been able to complete studies in my final year of school. But I did, and I got into the University course I wanted and that’s why I feel that Catie is a motivational, confident, amazing person who has the ability to help other people. She has a lot of valuable experience and so many good qualities that will aid her on her future endeavors with young people.
- Bayley (20), Screen and Media student at Flinders University, Adelaide


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